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In order to operate a power-craft in Bermuda Waters you have to be 12 years of age or older. From age 12 to age 15 the engine size is limited to 6 horsepower.  From age 16 there are no restrictions on the engine horsepower.  Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) operators must be 16 or older.

Before Casting Off

  • Be weather conscious, check the weather forecast a day in advance of your trip
  • Create a float plan from the point of leaving the dock to the time you will return.
  • Make sure that equipment being utilized on the journey is in good working order (i.e. engine, radio, bilge pumps, steering) and the vessel has ample fuel, oil etc.
  • Ensure that all safety requirements are aboard. (view List)

Speed  (Audio notice to mariners on speed and wake from Bermuda Radio)

Without reasonable excuse, no vessels may exceed 5 knots (9.2 km/h) through the water:

Within 100 metres of the shore, any structure, or any vessel displaying
a dive flag. This includes beaches, docks and swimmers.

Speed Limit Exceptions:

  • Two Rock Passage
  • Head of the Lane Passage
  • Town Cut Channel
  • Ferry Reach (from the sea to the Airfield Landing light pylons approaching from the west).
  • Western Hogfish Channel from Dockyard to the sea except the section West of Mangrove Bay between the Quintons and Gray's Point


Recreational craft must avoid making a wake which can cause unnecessary danger or risk of damage to other vessels, structures or people. Reduce or no wake while anyone has any part of their body over the bow or sides or a power boat, or Within 100 metres of another vessel or person in the water. This includes beaches, docks and swimmers.

Water Skiing, Towing & Similar Activities

Any boat including Jet Skis towing a water skier, boat, wake board or similar device must have a person 14 years of age or older to keep a lookout, as well as the skipper. Those being towed must wear a PFD.  These activities must not be carried out within 200 feet of the shoreline.

Water skiing and similar activities are not permitted from sunset to sunrise.


(audio notice to mariners on prohibited areas by Bermuda radio)

When anchoring keep well clear of wharves (docks) and jetties and their approaches.

Skippers must ensure they anchor so that they do not cause a hazard by swinging into other anchored craft, or by dragging.


Any vessel where diving activities are taking place must display code flag A so that it can be clearly seen from 200 metres. Boaters must not create a wake or travel at a speed in access of 5 knots if they are within 100 meters of the dive vessel.

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