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Personal Safety

Operating A Boat Alone In The Offshore Environment

Recently a number of marine related incidents have occurred with mariners falling into the water from their vessel.

Those persons who operate boats in the offshore environment in particular those who operate boats alone the Bermuda Safety Council would like to make them aware of the following:

  • Mariners would be well advised to know how to swim

  • If operating or working alone, wear a safety tether/harness and or a buoyant work/life vest

  • When fishing consider hanging a knotted rope or ladder over the side of the boat so that in the event that someone falls overboard they can climb back into the boat unassisted

  • Approved work/life vest are exempt from Customs Duty and can be imported into the island duty free.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

  • Always wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and ask how to secure and inflate it.

  • Do not get on board if the craft appears overloaded or unstable.

  • Ask what safety measures are in place in the event of an accident. Do not partake if the answer is unsatisfactory.

  • If you can't swim - do not partake.

  • If equipment on offer looks worn - don't use it.

  • Never go on the water alone.

  • Don't drink alcohol before going on the water in any craft.

  • If you feel that the equipment owners are not professional do not use the facilities.

  • If the person in charge of the craft looks inexperienced or intoxicated do not get on board.

  • Remember - any rough or white-water activity can be risky.

  • Don't take part in any water sport activity at night.

  • Never participate in adventure sport that you have not received training in.

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