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Mission Statement - Our Objectives are to:

Identify issues in respect to water safety and to develop local strategies to prevent accidents and injuries on the water by means of relevant marine safety regulations, public education and the promotion of good water safety practices/initiatives throughout the community.


Boating & Jet Ski

The most common cause of injuries on board a boat is from people losing their balance and falling over, or people colliding with one another or a hard object. The injuries sustained are more severe than you might first think – injuries to the face and jaw (teeth), broken bones, severe head injuries and burns are.

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Beach & Pool Safety

Good Water Safety practice should be applied even on holiday. On arrival at a holiday destination, which has a swimming pool, do not allow children to go immediately to the swimming pool until you have checked out the safety arrangements.
On many occasions, there may not be any lifeguard on duty.

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Rock Fishing & Diving

Rock Fishing is one of, if not, the most popular recreational pastimes in Bermuda. Each fishing trip differs in location and conditions, presenting various hazards on each occasion. Do not be complacent, most accidents happen when you least expect them. They are often the result of ignoring local advice and taking needless risks.

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*** Important ***

Always check the weather condition before any kind of water activity.