Holidaying & Water Safety

Good Water Safety practice should be applied even on holiday.  On arrival at a holiday destination, which has a swimming pool, do not allow children to go immediately to the swimming pool until you have checked out the safety arrangements. On many occasions, there may not be any lifeguard on duty.

The following points should be noted in particular:

  • Never swim after consuming alcohol or food.
  • Obey all the usual safety rules that apply to any properly run pool e.g. no running, no running dives, no horseplay etc
  • Be particularly careful of young children wandering off.
  • Check for pool depth markings. There may not be any so you must check the depths yourself if you are a competent swimmer.
  • Ensure that you do not dive into shallow water
  • Watch out for children/baby pools that may be next to the main pool without any barrier between them.
  • Watch out for sudden drops or changes in the gradient of a pool floor
  • Check for missing, uneven or slippery tiles surrounding or in the pool
  • Do not swim or do not allow children to swim in a pool with discoloured water.
  • Always swim, in areas patrolled by lifeguards.
  • Swim in the designated swimming area when swimming in the sea. Normally, the red and yellow flags indicate the zoned area for swimming
  • Swim with family or friends – never alone.
  • Swim within your depth and parallel to the shore.