Boating & Boat Safety

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 Quick Links – Helpful Documents

  • Float Plan (PDF)
  • Float Plan (Word)
  • Docking Tips 1 (PDF)
  • Docking Tips 2 (PDF)
  • Bermuda Marine Speed Limits – Hamilton Harbour (PDF)
  • Bermuda Marine Speed Limits – West End (PDF)
  • Bermuda Marine Speed Limits – East End (PDF)
  • Aids to Navigation – Cardinal Marks (PDF)
  • Aids to Navigation – Isolated Danger (PDF)
  • Aids to Navigation – Lateral Marks (PDF)
  • Water Safety Card – Hazards of a Water Environment (PDF)
  • Water Safety Card – Lifesaving Techniques (PDF)
  • Standard Marine Distress Signals (PDF)
  • Rule of the Road (PDF)
  • Safe Boating Equipment (PDF)
  • Guide to Marine VHF Radiotelephone Communications in Bermuda (PDF)

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