Safety – Preventing Injuries on Boats

The most common cause of injuries on board a boat is from people losing their balance and falling over, or people colliding with one another or a hard object. The injuries sustained are more severe than you might first think – injuries to the face and jaw (teeth), broken bones, severe head injuries and burns are .

What Can You Do?

As a Responsible Skipper

  • Know the ‘rules of the road’ at sea so you can avoid collisions

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  • Before setting out, brief your passengers about safety
  • Make sure you keep the boat well-balanced when you stow gear
  • Always apply throttle changes gently
  • Avoid excessive speed, especially when conditions are rough
  • Minimise the amount of alcohol you drink before or during a trip

Before heading out make your vessel a safe one

  • Ensure appropriate safety equipment is on board and is in working condition
  • Install handrails
  • Stow things away properly and avoid clutter

As a passenger 

  • Maintain your balance – one hand for the boat, one hand for yourself
  • Go backward down ladders
  • Sit down in rough weather
  • On sailing boats – watch out for the boom
  • Don’t drink to much booze

Don’t let your mates become a statistic this summer.